Livr'S Éditions is a Belgian publishing house located in Jurbise (Wallonia) which has at heart to promote literature of all genres and for all audiences.
Created in January 2015, Livr'S Éditions is a dynamic team and high quality books, vectors of emotions. Their stories will make you travel, dream, shiver… thanks to the imagination of artists from Belgium, France, Scotland and Switzerland!
From Youth to Fantastic through Short stories or Suspense, let yourself be carried away by our collections, for a book exhilaration, simply.

Titles to discover

James Holt Tome 1 Révélations

James Holt 1. Révélations

4,99 15,00 


4,99 18,00 
Futur Antérieur

Futur Antérieur

2,99 18,00 
Le requiem d'un soupir

Le requiem d’un soupir

4,99 16,00 
123 zombies

1, 2, 3… zombies !

2,99 15,00 

Favorite books

Featured Book

Bertrand Crapez
Halfway between the stories of the knights of the Round Table, Celtic legends and Scandinavian mythology, King Arthur's Heir plunges the reader into a universe populated by heroes and fantastic creatures, funny or terrifying!
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