Our history

Founded in 2015 by author Émilie Ansciaux, Livr’S is a publishing house that is committed to promoting and defending all styles of literature, with two main themes in youth and fantasy. The authors are Belgian, French, Swiss, Scottish, and the collections are varied, going from short stories (collection Nouvelles) to small novels for children (collection Première Lecture), through darker titles (collection

A passion

“When I had the idea of creating a publishing house, it was first and foremost to allow authors to flourish in a family structure, within a team that really takes into consideration the artist and his work. Having myself started in this field as an author, these are values that I hold dear. Editing a manuscript is a wonderful journey, and it is essential that the editorial team and the author work hand in hand. Each journey is made with passion and respect." Émilie Ansciaux, Editor.


Émilie Ansciaux
Editorial Director
Adores unicorns, cookies are highly recommended to coax her.
Sophie Matthys
Community manager and press relations
Never without her laptop, she collects pretty notebooks and feeds herself with various candies.
L.A. Braun
The small benevolent voice that haunts the authors during their work.
Geoffrey Claustriaux
Graphic designer
Buy him a drink and you're his new best friend.