Loving Reaper (version anglaise/english version)

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« Our beautiful planet is home to 8.7 million species. Animals that walk, crawl, fly, swim, and all of which, in one way or another, enrich our daily lives. Whether it’s watching a football game with your dog, the first time your eyes meet those of a fox in the forest, or the warmth and purring provided by that cat you took in. Our lives are affected by exchanges with our animal companions, whether domestic or wild. With these comics, the author wants to show the diversity and beauty of the animal world, but above all to denounce human behaviour that we should no longer see, ever. We’re not going to lie to you, these are incredibly sad stories and it is likely that some of them will touch you. But they are also stories of hope, because every tear you shed means that these animals matter to you, and that you will take care of those who are lucky enough to cross your path. »

Etat d'âme

État d’âme

La photographie est populairement l’art du paraitre. Des femmes dans toute leur splendeur, des architectures modernes et extravagantes,…
A l’inverse, je cherche la beauté là où on ne s’y attend pas : les bâtiments abandonnés. Instants magiques et nostalgiques, où le temps s’est volatilisé.
L’homme est bouleversant lorsqu’il n’est pas l’archétype du mannequin.
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